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How I Got Here

I started out with a vague notion that I 'wanted to help people'. That led me to social work and being trained as a clinical therapist. I worked with individuals and couples for a few years at a non-for-profit organization in Indiana. I also worked as a crisis pregnancy counselor, facilitated adoptions and worked with adult adoptees.

I then took a long break in my professional career to raise my children. I was surprised with twin boys and quickly realized that staying home with them, and their younger sister, was the best use of my attention, love, knowledge and energy. We chose to homeschool until they reached high school age. During this time at home I discovered many things. Several huge revelations were:

We all voice the old adage “We need to take care of ourselves so we can best take care of our family”. Most of us don’t really believe it. We can’t seem to take even the smallest amount of ME time without encountering huge guilt. Why?

Our culture surrounding parenting, while it should be supportive and nurturing, has become judgmental and hostile. Raising children is the most important job we can do with the farthest reaching consequences. Why are we not holding each other up?

We are spending huge amounts of energy, time and resources trying to make everyone else happy. Bosses, family members, neighbors, teachers, friends, professional groups, social groups, spouses, children. But we are miserable. Why can’t we live the way we feel is right for us and our family? We know what is best for ourselves, our home, our kids. Why have we given up our control and decisions to everyone else?

I also realized that certain stages of my children's lives caused my husband and myself huge amounts of stress, anxiety and uncertainty. Add in that my twin sons have dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia, we had the extra challenge of enormous school and self-esteem issues to deal with. How can we guide them? What is the best decision? The next step? To push them or back off? Scheduled activities or free time? Kids grow, life moves on and 99% of the time it all equals out in the end. But we don’t trust that.

Back to my kids growing up despite my interference.

They went off to high school and I went off into a profession. I have worked for three years in child welfare (another non-for-profit). This has exposed me to the ugliness of humanity and also the incredible love, hope and joy that is possible. And I was happy and fulfilled in my job.

Fast forward and I met a life coach. What the heck is a life coach? As a licensed therapist I held the same bias as many others. A hack, a fake, a therapist wanna-be. And she was none of those things. We spoke a few times and it didn’t take long for me to realize “It’s not what I thought it was. I can do this. I want to do this.”

It was the right decision. I love it. Life Coaching is all about helping people move forward. Finding hope, joy, love, peace, calm. Discovering what is standing in the way and how to get past it. Offering unwavering support, no matter the crisis or circumstance. I offer no judgment nor criticism. Only my passion to help you craft the best possible life for yourself and your family.