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Coaching works best if done in a consistent sequence. Sessions can be in person or over the phone. 

FREE 30 minute phone session. See what life coaching is all about!

Pre-marital Coaching

Pre-marital discussions give each person a huge boost and undoubtedly strengthen a marriage. But most pre-marital programs are religiously based. I'm a spiritual person but not committed to a particular religion. Get that pre-marital coaching that many religious groups require. 6 sessions are $550

Parenting Support

I have been there, I have done this, and I'm still in it. Watching our children struggle is heartbreaking. And the general misunderstanding of dyslexia means that support for parents by friends and family, and teachers, is hard to come by. I get it and I will stand by you.  4 sessions for $375

Individual Session

I'm always available to anyone who would like to talk. Non-program specific, let's explore your life and how to make it better. This is a good option if you just want to give coaching a try.

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FREE 30 min consultation

We both want to see if we 'click'. This free phone call will allow us to get a feel for each other.