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Being SEEN!

February 21, 2019

We love our celebrities. Those people who are in the public eye, sharing themselves and their talents with us.


But most of us cringe at the thought of actually being SEEN. Being in front, standing up and saying “I am here.”


There is a huge cultural double standard over this issue. We value those that are not afraid to be seen. But if it happens to be someone we know, or ourselves, we give and receive shame and finger shaking. “Stop drawing attention to yourself” is the rule and breaking that rule makes us narcissistic bitches and assholes. “She thinks she is better than the rest of us.” “Who does he think he is?”


We have been taught to hide. We have been taught to not toot our own horn. If someone drags us up on stage to applaud our achievements, well, that’s ok. Doing it ourselves? Hell no.


Why can’t we each stand up and say “This is who I am”? The celebrities do it. Seriously, do you think they were all walking around quietly just wishing someone would recognize their innate talent and shout “I’m going to make you a star!”? Hell no. They  were busting their ass at classes and auditions and meeting anyone that might just possibly be a stepping stone to a person who did have the ability to make them a star. They stood up again and again and again shouting “Look at me! I’m amazing!”


We are amazing. We have talents to share. We have gifts that will help others. But what good are those gifts and talents if we are constantly hiding in the shadows, afraid of being visible (and vulnerable)?


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