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Morning rant: sexual harassment in the schools

June 2, 2019

Morning rant: sexual harassment in the schools -
(this was an archived article my daughter found)

DEAR ABBY: I am 14 and a little confused. I go to a school where "flirting" involves touching. Even when the girls say stop, the boys don't.

One guy has grabbed me several times. I like him, but I'm afraid he's going to do worse things to me. Please help me. I feel weird talking about this to anyone. But I need to know what flirting really means. -- EMBARRASSED IN CAMDEN, ARK.

DEAR EMBARRASSED: Flirting is letting someone that you're interested in know it. It can be a smile, a greeting, a lingering glance, or a touch on the hand, the arm or the shoulder. It does not involve grabbing or overtly sexual touching.

I'm sorry you feel uncomfortable discussing it. Someone should tell the school administration about what's happening so the difference between flirting and sexual harassment can be explained to the entire student body before things get "out of hand."


She's CONFUSED?! The boys don't stop even if the girl says no?! She's afraid that he will do worse to her?! And she is asking if this is the definition of flirting?! Holy F**KING H**L!


This school, the entire town population, has been brainwashed into thinking that this is all ok!! This girl knows that it is NOT OK, but she can't say that. Because she is looking for a trusted adult to tell her that it is ok, that she is wrong, that she shouldn't trust her instincts. She is looking for reassurance that her world is not completely messed up - that it's her.


Because how does she fight the entire culture of her town? The school obviously hasn't stopped it, the parents haven't stopped it, the students haven't stopped it.

And has anyone called the police? That's what I want to know. Have these girls called the police and filed sexual harassment charges? Have they tried the school and been blown off with "boys will be boys"? Or "we have a no bullying/harassment policy, therefore we don't have a problem"? Have the police been called only to tell the VICTIMS "let the school handle it"?

Here's a thought - what if, every time this 14 yr old girl went to the grocery store, the store clerks molested her? But she had NO CHOICE except to go into that store every single day?

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